The start of the battling software company musical?

Microsoft staff just released their first musical, It Is All Happening Here. A musical about a nerd ?that made it all happen in Seattle.

Should we be Waiting to see Apple Inc, Google or even the service industries choice scheduling app House Call Pro, for a musical? I Guess we will just have to keep our eyes out on StubHub!

Software companies interns are creating musicals. If your staff were to write a musical about their place of work, would it be a happy song or a sad song? can help you create a happy song with a modernized office system.

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How To Add Your Business to Yelp

Yelp is a local business rating service search engine and social network  based on user reviews. You may want to add your business to Yelp, matter of fact it might already be there with out your input or anyone associated with your business. This article How to Add Your Business to Yelp will guide you through the process of adding your business to the Yelp search results.

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